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Case Analysis of police public relations (humas polri) officer

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Being a top-ranked officer at the federal police force of Indonesia may be among the fundamental criteria for assuming a workplace like mind of the public relations division of the federal police (kepala divisi humas polri). Nonetheless, it might not be the only standard. That is because being a top-ranked officer doesn't mean you have the required personality for the office. There several offices which are greatly affected by the personality of an individual. This suggests that people that do not have such characters or traits that compliments this office would be the least contemplated. They simply come to the image if there is no other better thought. One of these offices that is complimented by one's personality is that the office of a PRO which is generally short for public relations officer.

For you to be effective at the office of a PRO, there's need that such is more of an extrovert and a good public speaker. This is the exact same even if you are a police public relations (humas polri) officer. One of the duties of a PRO which entails giving out first-hand info on conclusions made sometimes requires that such would stand before many to speak. It would develop into a significant problem if one who is assumed to give out advice is not able to correctly express herself or himself when addressing people. Hence, public speaking isn't trivial requirement but a highly recommended one.

Generally, being a leader or one which occupies a leadership position, requires that you're in a position to endure and address your followers. That can be even more so, a essential quality for a PRO officer which appear to have it as a main duty. There's no doubt for Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono ashead of public relations of the national police (kadiv humas polri), this is not a challenge.

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